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Northeast Kingdom
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Cycling - Mountain Biking

With the vast and varied terrain in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, the area offers numerous excellent choices for Vermont biking trips. Choose from short routes for day trips or longer routes where camping is possible. When you head out on one of your cycling trips a Vermont  and area map comes in handy for familiarizing yourself with your chosen route. Make sure that you and your biking partners are well equipped with water, rain gear, compass, a bike tool and patch kit and high energy snacks if you're planning on a Vermont biking adventure.

If you are looking for a true mountain biking adventure is no better in the United States then riding the "Kingdom Trails" which is a multiple-use trail system unlike any other and recently voted as as the BEST TRAIL NETWORK in North America by Bike Magazine in their annual Reader's Poll. Kingdom Trails was also the Editors' Choice in the 2006 edition of the Yankee Magazine Travel Guide to New England, and in their latest issue of the YANKEE MAGAZINE we were highlighted as one of the ten "Thrills of a Lifetime" for a family getaway in New England. Click HERE to read the Yankee Magazine article.

We were also named BEST OF NEW ENGLAND by Boston Magazine Travel & Life. We are located in East Burke, Vermont, named one of the 101 Best Outdoor Towns in the U.S. Enjoy the pastoral and wild setting in the rolling hills of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom while you are MOUNTAIN BIKING, HIKING, TRAIL RUNNING, NORDIC SKIING, and SNOWSHOEING.
Below is a collection of cycling tours for your consideration! All of these tours and more are fully outlined on the Northeast Kingdom Cycling Map.
We hope to see you soon in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom!
Mostly Moose
A 67 mile, paved loop for the energetic beginner to the advanced rider.

Moose. And trees. Not much else including' traffic, 'cept scen'ry. We saw four moose without hardly looking when scouting this loop. Fairly level when riding north and south. Bumps and hills east and west. Energetic beginners, make a two-day trip out of this one. Others can do it in a day, given enough time and daylight. Paved roads run the gamut from sometimes rough to delightfully smooth.

Directions: Departing from the junctions of Rts 114 and 105 in Island Pond, ride north on Rt 114 through Norton to Canaan. Take Rt 102 South to Bloomfield, then Rt 105 West back to Island Pond.

5 Mile Square
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10 Mile Square
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Around the Pond
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Head of the Pond
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A Peek at Jay Peak

A 20 mile, mostly unpaved ride for the energetic beginner to advanced rider featuring views of Jay Peak.

Within the area bounded by Route 101 to the west, Route 105 to the north and east and Route 58 to the south lies an expansive valley surrounded by higher terrain, the most prominent of which is Jay Peak. For years, commercial bicycle tours have skirted this area, keeping to the paved roads. Yet the interior of this region, largely criss-crossed with unpaved roads, beckons to those of us who dare to keep on going with the pavement stops. Mountain bikes and hybrids make hits possible. So we've designed a nice loop that combines easy riding with spectacular views and connects two communities - Troy and Newport Center - that have stores where provisions may be bought. All the while, Jay Peak keeps silent vigil over your progress.

MILE: 0.00 From Troy, ride east on Rt 100
MILE: 0.5 Right on Loop Rd. Becomes unpaved in 1.0 mile.
MILE: 3.0 Straight on Collins Mill Rd.
MILE: 8.7 Right on RT 100
MILE: 9.2 Left on Niles Rd
MILE: 10.9 Straight on Cross Road
MILE: 11.3 To visit Newport Center, turn right on Cross Road at Searles Rd. Cross
RR tracks in 0.miles. To continue the ride, go straight on Searles Road and jump to mile
MILE: 11.5 Arrive in Newport Center
MILE: 11.5 Depart Newport Center on Cross Rd. Cross RR track in 0.1 miles
MILE: 11.7 Right on Searles Road. Becomes unpaved in 1.7 miles at the Troy
town line.
MILE: 14.8 Left on East Hill Road
MILE: 15.1 Right on Bergeron Road
MILE: 16.1 To take a side trip that visits the River Rd Covered Bridge (in 0.1 mile) and
Big Falls (in1.4 miles), turn right on River Road. Return to this intersection
to complete the ride.
MILE: 19.7 Right on Rt 100 South
MILE: 20.00 Arrive in Troy.

An O.K. Ride to Alright Spring
An 18 mile, unpaved loop for the energetic beginner to the advanced rider.

Depart from St. Johnsbury or from the Allright Spring for fewer miles and wend your way along gentle grades to historic Old North Church. When the corn is tall stop at the Great Vermont Corn Maze and find your way through the myriad dead ends and right angles to ring the hidden bell. The return ride will be a breeze - it's mostly a downhill coast, passing the Allright Spring for the second time.

MILE: 0.00 From the intersection of US Rts 5 and 2 in downtown St. Johnsbury, ride south on US Rts 2 West and 5 South.
MILE: 0.1 Right to continue on US Rt 2 West/Eastern Ave.
MILE: 0.4 Left to continue on US Rt 2 West/Main Street
MILE: 0.5 Right to continue on US Rt 2 West/Western Ave.
MILE: 2.6 Right on North Danville Road
MILE: 3.2 From the Allright Spring Park, ride in a northwesterly direction on Goss Hollow Road. Becomes unpaved in 1.0 mile.
MILE: 5.2 Straight to continue on Goss Hollow Rd at Rabbit Plain Road.
MILE: 6.2 Straight to continue on Goss Hollow Rd at Stanton Road.
MILE 6.5 Left to continue on Goss Hollow Road at Y intersection.
MILE: 7.7 Right on Tampico Road.
MILE: 8.3 Arrive at intersection of Tampico Road and Wheelock Road. IN season, you’ll find the Great Vermont Corn Maze just east of this intersection. To visit the corn maze, turn right on Wheelock Rd and ride just 0.2 mile. Return to this intersection after visiting the maze to continue the ride.
MILE: 8.3 From the intersection of Tampico Road and Wheelock Rd, ride west on Wheelock Rd.
MILE: 9.1 Left on Old North Church Rd. Old North Church is on your left at this turn.
MILE: 11.8 Left on Town Highway 32.
MILE: 12.0 Left on North Danville Road
MILE: 14.8 From the Allright Springs Park, continue straight on North Danville Road.
MILE: 15.4 Left on US Rt 2 East.
MILE: 17.5 Left to continue on US Rt 2 East/Main Street
MILE: 17.6 Right to continue on US Rt 2 East/Eastern Ave.
MILE: 17.9 Left on US Rts 2 East and 5 North.
MILE: 18.0 Arrive in downtown St. Johnsbury

Around the Block
A 58 mile, paved loop for the intermediate to advanced rider.

Around the block is what Vermonters call making a series of right-hand turns to get back where you started - event if it takes more than 50 miles to do it! This is one of the favorite "around the block" rides in all of Vermont. Suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. The route offers fantastic scenery and follows entirely paved roads. There are some long gentle climbs and descents but no major hills. An overnight stay in either Irasburg or Barton can make this a two-day ride.

Directions: Starting in Hardwick, ride west on Rt 15, and turn right onto Rt 14. Stay on Rt 14 north to Rt 58 in Irasburg. Take Rt58 East for 2.6 miles, then turn right onto Lake Region Road. Turn right onto Rt 5, going into Barton. Turn right onto Rt 16 South in Barton, keeping an eye out for the Bread & Puppet Museum on side road Rt 122. After your tour of the museum, continue south on Rt 16 to Rt 15 east of Hardwick, turn left and return to Hardwick on Rt 15.

Back Roads to Big Falls
A 22 mile, mostly paved loop for the intermediate to advanced rider.

A combination of lightly traveled paved and unpaved back roads leads you to the best waterfall into eh region. A covered bridge and popular swimming hole add to the enjoyment of this ride. Suitable for mountain bikes and hybrids as well as intermediate to advanced riders.

Directions: Starting in Westfield, take North Hill Rd to Jay and Cross Road and North Jay Rd into the Village of North Troy. Turn right on Highland Avenue and left on Rt 105 East to river Rd. Be sure to visit Big Falls, then continue south on River Rd to Rt 100 West, which returns you to Westfield.

Barns in the USA!
A 25 mile, unpaved loop for the energetic beginner to the advanced rider.

Well, would you settle for barns and Barnets in Caledonia County? Either way, bring your camera and see how many different kinds of barns you can collect. The most stunning is on e of Vermont's few remaining round barns, this one sill in outstanding condition. Choose from a short ride o f10 miles, or after you've ridden a while, decide to take the longer 25-mile ride. Both routes start out with a vigorous climb but conclude with a gentle spin along level terrain that borders the scenic Passumpsic River. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at a small riverside park near the village of Passumpsic. Both rides follow a Class 4 road for a short distance, which is walkable if necessary.

MILE: 0.00 From the intersection of US Rts 5 and 2 in downtown St. Johnsbury, ride east on Rt 2
MILE: 0.6 Right on Concord Ave.
MILE: 2.1 Right on Hastings Ave. Becomes a 0.3 mile long Class 4 road (primitive) in 0.3 mile.
MILE: 3.2 Right on Simpson Brook Road.
MILE: 3.2 For the short version, turn right on Hale Rd (turns into Bridge Street) and jump to mile 20.
MILE: 4.9 Left on Hale Road.
MILE: 6.5 Straight on Hale Road at Valley View Road.
MILE: 8.3 Straight on Duck Pond Road
MILE: 9.5 Right on Lower Waterford Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.3 mile.
MILE: 12.5 Straight to continue on Comerford Dam Road at Valley View Road.
MILE: 15.8 Right on Old Silo Road.
MILE: 20.0 Left on Bridge Street. Becomes unpaved in 0.5 mile.
MILE: 20.7 Right on River Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.1 mile and remains unpaved for 3.3 miles. Becomes Weeks Court in 3.7 miles.
MILE: 24.7 Left on US Rt 2
25.0 Arrive at intersection of US Rts 5 &2.

Craftsbury Classic
An 11 mile, paved loop for the energetic beginner to the advanced rider.
A perfect introduction to cycling in the Northeast Kingdom featuring all paved roads. Classic ins, country stores, intimate scenes and sweeping panoramas accent the verdant landscape. The mostly level to rolling terrain is interrupted by only one killer hill. But hey, Vermont ain't flat! Do-able by beginners, and enjoyable by intermediates and advanced cyclists looking for a delightful warm-up or short training ride.

Directions: From the Post Office in Craftsbury, ride north on South Craftsbury Road to Craftsbury Common. Follow North Craftsbury Rd to Route 14. Ride South on Rt 14 until you reach South Craftsbury Rd, which you follow back to Craftsbury.

Eden Mills to Guildhall
A 72.8 mile unpaved link for the intermediate to advanced rider
MILE: 0.00 From the intersection of Rt 100 and East Hill Rd in Eden Mills, ride east on East Hill Rd. Becomes unpaved in 0.4 miles Becomes Eden Mountain Rd at the Craftsbury town line in 4.8 miles.
MILE: 6.0 Right on Collinsville Road.
MILE: 7.5 Left on Wild Branch Road/North Wolcott Road
MILE: 8.0 Left on Rt 14
MILE: 8.4 Right on Post Road
MILE: 9.7 Straight and immediately right on Mill Village Road
MILE: 10.2 Right on King Farm Road
MILE: 12.0 Left on Creek Road
MILE: 12.7 Right on Ketchum Hill Road
MILE: 13.8 Straight on East Craftsbury Road
MILE: 14.2 Right on Whetstone Brook Road
MILE: 15.5 Straight on Richardson Road at Circus Road
MILE: 17.7 Straight on Lake Shore Road
MILE: 20.0 Straight on Hardwick Road
MILE: 21.6 Straight on Bayley-Hazen Road
MILE: 22.9 Left on Rt 16
MILE: 24.6 Right on Cross Road
MILE: 24.7 Right on Main Street. Becomes Stannard Mountain Rd in 0.5 mile. Becomes South Wheelock Rd in 5.7 miles at the Wheelock town line.
MILE: 35.2 Straight to continue on South Wheelock Rd at Burroughs Rd. Becomes paved in 0.3 miles. Schoolhouse Covered Bridge is on your right in 5.0 miles.
MILE: 40.3 Left on US Rt 5/Memorial Drive.
MILE: 40.8 Right on Red Village Rd. Becomes Ridge Rd in 3.8 miles at the Kirby town line.
MILE: 44.9 Straight to continue on Ridge Road at Town Hall Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.1 miles and remains unpaved for 4.2 miles.
MILE: 50.1 Left on Mountain Road
MILE: 50.2 Right on Rt 114 in East Burke.
MILE: 52.4 Right on Victory Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.5 miles.
MILE: 61.9 Straight on Granby Road at River Road in Granby. Becomes paved in 7.7 miles.
MILE: 70.4 Left on Rt 102.
MILE: 72.8 Arrive in Guildhall.

Glacial Lakes
A 68 mile, paved loop, for the intermediate to advanced rider.
Don't leave the Kingdom without visiting tow of its most beautiful glacial lakes - Willoughby and Seymour. The all-paved roads on this ride take in both of them as well as Island Pond. Stunning scenery. Aromatic evergreens. This is quintessential Northeast Kingdom. Great accommodations enable you to make this a multi-day tour. For a two-day tour, ride from Lyndonville to Seymour Lake in Morgan (33.8 miles), then back to Lyndonville on the following day (35.1 miles). For a three-day tour, ride from Lyndonville to Island Pond (24.2 miles), Island Pond to Lake Willoughby (24.7 miles), and Lake Willoughby back to Lyndonville (20 miles).

Directions: From Lyndonville follow Rt 5 and Rt 114 north and east through East Burke and Island Pond to Rt 111, turning left. Continue on Rt 111 to Morgan Center, turning left on Gore Road South 2.0 miles beyond Morgan Four Corners. Gore Rd South becomes Durgin Rd at the Charleston town line. Turn left on Rt 105 in West Charleston, and right on Rt 5A South. Continue on Rt 5A South by the junction of Rt 16 and Lake Willoughby to West Burke. Stay Straight on Rt 5 South to the junction of Rt 114 and then straight on Rt 5 back to Lyndonville.

Lakes Region Roundabout
A 30 mile, unpaved loop for the intermediate to advanced rider.
A covered bridge, an historic stone house and museum, and glacial lakes are features you'll pass on this Orleans County circuit. View Lake Memphremagog and Canada from the heights along roller coaster Coventry Station Road. Stop for a swim in Lake Parker at the southern tip of this loop. Enjoy the Orleans County Fair in Barton. Attempt the entire distance in one day or make it a two-day tour by arranging overnight stays in Irasburg, Coventry, Barton or West Glover.

MILE: 0.00 Depart Irasburg on combined Rts 14 North and 58 West
MILE: 1.2 Straight on Back Coventry Road where Rts 14 North and 58 West divide. Becomes
Covered Bridge Road in 4.5 miles at Coventry town line. Pass through Lower
Covered Bridge in 4.5 miles.
MILE 6.4 Straight on Main Street in Coventry.
MILE 6.7 Left on combined Rts 14 and 5, then right on Coventry Station Road in 100 yards.
MILE 9.2 Straight on Coventry Station Rd at Airport Road. Cross RR track in 0.6 mile. Becomes
Moulton Rd in 2.1 miles at Brownington Town Line.
MILE: 12.0 Right on Parker Rd.
MILE: 12.2 Right on Hinman Settler Rd. Becomes paved in 1.5 miles. Old Stone House Museum
on left in Brownington in 1.8 miles.
MILE: 14.4 Straight (left) on Hinman Settler Rd. Becomes unpaved in 0.1 miles. Becomes Churchill
Road in 1.1 miles at the Barton town line.
MILE: 16.4 Left on RT 58/Willoughby Avenue, then right on Hollow Rd in 0.1 mile. Becomes
paved in 3.1 miles.
MILE: 19.7 Left on Maple Hill Rod. Cross RR tracks in 0.2 mile
MILE: 20.1 Left on Rt 5
MILE: 20.5 Right on RT 16, Barton
MILE: 21.2 Right on Roaring Brook Road
MILE: 24.0 Right on County Rd in West Glover
MILE: 24.1 Right on Steven Rd. Becomes West Glover Rd in 2.5 miles at the Irasburg
town line.
MILE: 29.5 Left on Burton Hill Road
MILE: 303. Right on Creek Road.
MILE: 30.6 Arrive in Irasburg

Magnificent Maples
An 11 mile, mostly paved loop for the energetic beginner to advanced rider.
The views and vistas along Darling Hill Road - the main event of this ride - are unsurpassed. Century-old sugar maples form a canopy of color during foliage season and respite from the sun in the spring and summer. Perfect for all abilities. Don't be deterred by the hill out of East Burke; you'll be amply awarded for your efforts! Event skinny tired bikes can handle the unpaved roadway near the Inn at Mountain View and the Wildflower Inn.

Directions: Departing from Lyndonville, ride north on US Rt 5, right on Rt 114 and left on East Darling Hill Road in East Burke. At the top of the hill, turn left on Darling Hill Road, which becomes unpaved in 0.4 mile and remains unpaved for 1.7 miles. Turn right on to Rt 114 and left on Rt 5 back to Lyndonville.

Morgan Medley
A 32 mile unpaved loop for the energetic beginner to advanced rider

Loop One
MILE: 0.00 From the country store in Morgan, ride South on Morgan-Charleston Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.3 miles Becomes West Echo Lake Rd in 2.2 miles.
MILE: 5.3 Right on Church Hill Rd. Becomes paved in 0.5 mile
MILE: 6.2 Arrive at the country store in East Charleston.
Loop Two
MILE: 0.00 From the country store in East Charleston, ride north on Church Hill Rd. Becomes unpaved in 0.32 miles.
MILE: 0.9 Right on East Echo Lake Road
MILE: 3.8 Right on West Echo Lake Road. Becomes Morgan-Charleston Rd in 0.9 mile. Becomes paved in 2.7 miles.
MILE: 6.8 Arrive in country store in Morgan
Loop Three
MILE: 0.00 From the country store in Morgan, ride North on Meade Hill Road. Becomes unpaved in 0.1 mile.
MILE: 2.1 Left on Lackey Road. Becomes Bates Hill Road in 1.0 mile and becomes paved in 4.6 miles.
MILE: 7.3 Right on Rt 111 West, then right on Derby Pond Rd in 100 yards.
MILE: 8.6 Straight to continue on Nelson Hill Road.
MILE: 9.2 Left on US Rt 5
MILE: 9.6 Straight on Rt 105
MILE: 10.1 Arrive at intersection of Rts 111 and 105 in Derby Center
Loop Four
MILE: 0.0 From the intersection of Rt 111 and 105 in Derby, ride east on Rt 111
MILE: 2.2 Right on Dumas Road
MILE: 5.9 Left on Rt 105 East in West Charleston
MILE: 6.1 Left on Durgin Road
MILE: 6.8 Right on Sunset Drive
MILE: 8.8 Left on Morgan-Charleston Road
MILE: 9.1 Arrive at country store in Morgan

Pedal to Peacham
A 48 mile, mostly paved loop for the intermediate to advanced rider.
If hills are your "thing" this is the ride for you. Long climbs, narrow roads and fast descents will challenge even the most experienced riders. Picturesque villages and real country stores remind us of the way Vermont once was, and still is in this region, when we leave the beaten path. Don't leave the road bike at home just because they're a few dirt stretches. You'll want the narrow tires and all the gears for the rest of the tour. Exciting for advanced cyclists, challenge for the rest of us!

Directions: Departing for the Athenaeum in St. Johnsbury, ride west on US Rt 2 for 2.6 miles and turn right on to North Danville Road (Town Highway 7) immediately before US Rt 2 becomes a controlled access highway. Stay left on Bruce Badger Memorial Highway in North Danville, cross Rt 2 onto Peacham/Bailey-Hazen Road in Danville, turn left on Peacham-Barnet Rd in South Peacham, and bear right onto West Barnet Road in West Barnet. Turn left on Church Street in Barnet, left on US Rt 5 North, right on Commerford Dam Rd, which becomes Lower Waterford Rd in 4.4miles. Commerford Dam Rd has several sections that are unpaved. Turn left on Rt 18, left on US Rt 2, back into St. Johnsbury.

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