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  1. Snowmobile Forum

    1. General Snowmobile Forum

      This forum is for any user whose post does not fit into any of the other snowmobiling related forums.

    2. Readers Rides

      Share with others the Snowmobile rides / trips that you have taken.

      Tell us where you went, your experience, what you enjoyed and all others aspects of your snowmobile ride / trip

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    3. Snowmobiling Issues / Politics

      This forum is for posting local, county, state and national issues that pertain to snowmobiling.

      Have an issue, suggestion, or comment, which you want to get out in the open?
      Post it here!

      Please read and have an understanding of our "On-Line Forums Acceptable Use Policy" before posting here.

    4. Bragging Rights

      Have a new sled?
      Added some goodies?
      Post it here and show it off!

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    5. Stolen Sled Report

      If you sled is stolen, you can post the information on this forum.
      You nay also post a picture and any other info that you feel may help in the recovery

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    7. Snowmobile Tech Talk

      Have a problem with your sled?
      Know an easy way to make a repair?
      Post it here!

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    8. Vermont Snowmobile Trail Reports

      These Vermont Snowmobile Trail Reports come from fellow snowmobilers just like you and me. Please help your fellow snowmobiler and post the conditions you found while on your ride.

      Thank You...

      Trail Report Disclaimer

      Snowmobile Trail Conditions change constantly. Snowmobilers should never rely on any source of reported trail conditions because so many variables are at play. Temperature, snowfalls, traffic, the time of the year, etc.. can change a snowmobile trails condition within hours. All snowmobile trails are maintained by many volunteer clubs, therefore one section of the same trail could offer very different conditions, all in the same day. Snowmobilers should also use extreme caution and travel at a speed, which would allow them to stop before striking any hazard, which the condition of a snowmobile trail could offer. The best trail conditions are when all users operate as if risks might always exist.

  2. Northeast Kingdom Round House Forums

    1. The Northeast Kingdom Gazette

      While the Island Pond area has no per say newspaper, here we can have our very own On-Line.

    2. Wind Power on the Ridge Line

      Here it is folks, a forum to have your say. Pro Wind, Anti Wind, gossip, truth, lies, or what ever you want to call it. Post here and see what minds you change or changes you make.

      Keep it civil and no flaming one another, or the post will be removed.

    3. Railroad

      This forum is dedicated to those men, woman and their children whom made Island Pond. The employees of the railroad that back many years ago made Island Pond the “First International Railroad Junction in the United States” and to those whom maintain the tracks to this day. Even though we lost our round house, and engine maintenance shop only a short few years ago, we will remember all of those good hard working people. This forum shall be used for those whom wish to stay in touch with fellow workers, friends, family and those interested in the once very active railroad that ran through Island Pond.

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    4. Gossip

      Just what it says.

      Want to throw the bull?
      Tell others what you have heard or maybe even seen.

      Post it here and see what else comes along.

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    5. Your Podium

      This forum is for the you to discuss issues of all kinds. It may include complaints and or suggestions on any issues at hand and on any topic..

      All that we ask is that you read and understand the "On-Line Forums Acceptable Use Policy"

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    6. Brighton High School

      Brighton High School is long gone but not forgotten. This forum is in remembrance to the little High School that it once was, and to the students, teachers, and administrators.

      Be it the high school reunion or just to stay in touch this forum is the place to be.

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    7. St. Mary's School

      St. Mary's School (The School on the Hill) is also long gone but not forgotten. This forum is in remembrance to the little school that it once was, and to the students, teachers, and administrators.

      Be it the school reunion or just to stay in touch this forum is the place to be.

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    10. Relatives & Friends

      Looking for a relative or long loss friend?

      Post the info here and see what comes back.

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    11. Genealogy

      This forum is for the discussion regarding all aspects of Genealogy.

  3. Northeast Kingdom Outdoors Forums

    1. ATV Traill Riding

      With the formation of the Tri-County-ATV Club located in Island Pond,VT. this forum is open to ask questions about ATV trail riding in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, club issues and other items that relate to the use of ATVs.

    2. Camping

      A forum to obtain and provide information concerning camping, camping conditions, equipment, and accommodations. Compare notes on your last campout and plan new trips!

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    3. Cycling and Mountain Biking

      Cycling and Mountain Biking here in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is second to none.

      With hundreds of miles of gravel back roads and more paved roads, along with the "Kingdom Trails" one will never ride on the same road or trail in the same day.

      Looking for an area to ride?
      Looking for a riding partner?
      What type of Bike I should purchase/rent?
      Or just have a question to ask?

      Post it here

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    4. Fishing

      Flies, worms, and spoons! Here is the place to gain and give information about Vermont fishing experiences, equipment, conditions, locations, and tell lies about the "big-one" that got away!

    5. Hiking

      A forum to obtain and provide information concerning trails, trail conditions, leaf peeping, equipment, and accommodations. Compare notes on your last trek and plan new trips!

    6. Hunting

      Guns, ammo, bows, seasons, and conditions. This is a forum to exchange thoughts and information about Hunting in Vermont and brag about last years trophy!

    7. Gardening

      Have a "Green Thumb" tell us how you do it.

      Don't have a "Green Thumb" post your questions here.

      Show and tell your garden here.

    8. Antiquing

      Antiquing, here in the Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is an adventure that one should undertake many times during the year. As the "locals" are on a constant search and find mission antiques shops change around here faster that the weather.

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    9. Leaf Peeping

      Fall foliage starts early here in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, well before many newspapers, radio and television stations start reporting the progress. Here you can post your favorite trips and you're scenic viewing areas so others can share what we think is the best fall foliage in New England.

      Remember the fall foliage seasons starts early here, so don't be left out.

    10. Mud Season

      Ahhh... Mud Season in Vermont. You know it is Mud Season, when it is a challenge to get to your local store or make it home if you do get to the store. You always say that you are going to buy one of those big four-wheel drive vehicles just to make it out the driveway. You know it is Mud Season here when some folks are afraid to leave the house for fear the road will have melted and turned to 'mush' in there absence. It gets exciting around here in early spring.

      Tell us your stories and experiences of Mud Season here.

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