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    Nolan sounds as ignorant as the SOS leader Arborio. Land use is in no way connected to recreation and snowmobile trail use. Not in any which way whatsoever. What *is* required of the taxpaying landowner is that they follow strict guidelines and suggestions on managing the land as provided by ANR. They must submit plans to the state for use of the property - up here it's mostly woodland and how to harvest the wood so the land continues to be productive - and then the state forester and ANR review the plans, and then the owner acts on those directives. At any time they are subject to inspection of the land to make sure they are abiding by the regulations set forth by ANR. But not ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RECREATIONAL USE OF THE LAND. Furthermore, Mr. Ouimette has been trying to "take back" his property from trespassers for years. When he first bought the land he installed gates which helped tremendously in keeping down the poaching of wildlife. Hunting the past few years has been by invitation and permission only due to hunters with bad manners not asking permission and taking advantage of an open gate situation. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it continues to be alleged by Nolan and other ignoranuses such as SOS that he had somehow agreed to not change his policies or procedures or access to his land even if the wind project did not happen. Silence does not qualify as, affirmation, ie: just because he did not say he would keep it open does not infer that he would under any and all circumstances, such as an adverse vote. He DID SAY that IF THE WIND PROJECT WAS APPROVED and went forward as planned, that the hunting and snowmobile trails and his roads would pretty much stay open as they have been. I can guarantee you there is no place on audio or quote or meeting notes where he has said he will keep the land open even if the project did not move forward. Mainly because I've attended many of these meetings and it just didn't happen. As for Mr. Ouimette reporting incidents of vandalism to the police, well ya know there's such a thing as people just sucking it up and taking the loss and moving forward because after all the time and trouble of calling the police, explaining the situation, then waiting for them to (never) arrive because they don't deem it worthy of a site visit..... Nope, not worth his time. In the end, like Arborio alleges, there is no way to prove anything anyhow. Why bother reporting then? His time is worth money too, he's a busy guy that works every freakin' day almost. Unlike some of the anti-wind activists who seem to have nothing better to do then attend meetings set at odd hours. I've known Dan for many years now and he is a worker and environmentalist and wise businessman. He's just been too generous in recent years and it's about time he took his land back. He and his staunchest supporters, including myself, have gained some serious stalkers whose level of sanity and desperation is questionable. Anyone who speaks in his defense or proclaims to actually be in favor of the wind project is immediately villanized as being selfish, greedy, and as having a personal interest in the project. This whole situation has raised my level of awareness to just how ignorant, naive, gullible, and rude some of these anti-wind people are. Tinfoil hats all around, especially for those who have gone on record as reporting an alien encounter years earlier. However, they are experts at manipulation and turning situations around to make it appear as if they are the victim. The only good news is that the children in this community recognize wind power for what it is: the clean, renewable energy of the future which is already producing electricity around the world. The children aren't fooled by the crazies because they have access to other sources on the internet, and in their schools during their lessons and in their textbooks. In fact, the children get irritated when the anti-wind folks try to claim to be presenting "the facts" when in reality it's only negative information being presented by the SOS group and others. And one last thing regarding government transparency. Taxpayers were not allowed by their respective governing bodies to know just how this project could affect them individually and as a municipality economically. How does the decision by their leaders to not let the taxpayers know about the financial benefits allow for an educated decision? It doesn't. Bad policy all ways around there. But I expect more of it. Brighton is so full of nepotism and anti-wind activists in positions they have no business being in, or at least situations where people should recuse themselves from decisions but they don't. The UTG is just as dysfunctional as it ever was, similar to Brighton in that their leaders have their own agendas and work towards that end. I am proud to know Dan Ouimette as a friend and neighbor, a truly good guy who is educated, wise and fair. Unfortunately the leaders in Newark, Brighton, and UTG have not realized the real value of having such a man in their townships, one who has the ways and means and determination to lead them through these tough economic times via green energy on HIS PROPERTY. I do hope the crazy commentary continues to come from SOS, Nolan, and the others. It helps understand just how "special" they are and why they are truly incompetent to be in the positions they are.