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  1. A Vermont man was killed in a snowmobile accident Thursday night in Groton. Vermont State Police say Gregory McLeod, 24, of Berlin, veered off a VAST trail and hit a tree at about 6 p.m. Police McLeod was likely inexperienced and that speed was a factor. They say alcohol may have played a role, as well.
  2. A Vermont man was killed in a snowmobile accident Thursday night in Groton. Vermont State Police say Gregory McLeod, 24, of Berlin, veered off a VAST trail and hit a tree at about 6 p.m. Police McLeod was likely inexperienced and that speed was a factor. They say alcohol may have played a role, as well.
  3. ISLAND POND — Crews are still searching for a 23-year-old man from Island Pond, who went missing after he fled during a traffic stop on New Year’s Eve, police say. On Tuesday, the Vermont Scuba team was called in to search a brook and swamp area surrounding Island Pond village. VAST trails in the area were also searched. At approximately 11:43 p.m. New Year’s Eve, a trooper made a motor vehicle stop in Island Pond after the vehicle failed to stop at a posted stop sign. Upon stopping, police say four people inside the vehicle immediately exited and began to run. The trooper was able to detain two passengers. The driver and third passenger continued to flee to the rear of a nearby residence, police say. The Brighton Police Chief says he learned through talking with the passengers that O’Gorman was the driver. His whereabouts were still unknown, and a K9 was brought to the scene to conduct a track. Based on this track police say they believe that O’Gorman crossed a small brook and continued on foot in and around Island Pond Village. Brighton Police, Essex County Sheriff’s deputies, and State troopers continued to try and locate O’Gorman, but were unsuccessful. On January 2, family members reported that O’Gorman was still missing. O’Gorman is 23-years-old, 5’10”, and approximately 200 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information regarding O’Gorman’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Derby State Police barracks at 802-334-8881. A ground search is underway today. from Newport Dispatch
  4. Island Pond VT. MIssing Person
  5. Island Pond VT. MIssing Person…/missing-person-17a50002…
  6. Country Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Report 01/02/2016 Valley trails around Newport Center and lake. Trails have been groomed this weekend, early riding conditions. We will stop grooming until we get more snow and some colder temperatures to freeze things up. Conditions now are just to rough for grooming and will caused damaged to the grooming equipment. Trails are open to sleds just use caution riding.
  7. Chester Snowmobile Club Trail Report 01/02/2017 Groomer was out last night last - groomed from Wr 53-52-51 to s32 Stone Hearth and Motel in the meadow This morning the groomer will be heading to Cavendish and back to the barn (Howard hill) Will also do the Chester secondary trails on the way. Ride safely! Enjoy!
  8. Lyndon Sno Cruisers Trail Report 01/02/2017 As of this morning, trail 513 to Greensboro Bend is now OPEN and groomed. By the end of the day all of the trail system will be groomed. Nice cold temps overni...ght will help us prepare for any potential bad weather this week. Still be mindful of some water bars and rough spots, we are still in "early season conditions"
  9. We've picked up several inches of new snow over the last few days and groomers have been out smoothing out the trails. There has been heavy traffic but trails are rated fair in lower elevations to good to very good in the higher elevations. There are still some icy corners so be careful and stay on your side of the trail. Please stay off all bodies of water. Enjoy and be safe!
  10. Finished corridor 12 and groomed corridor 11 - do NOT recommend riding on WR55 - WM53 - terrible with many water bars - rough riding - not much snow. Groomed 121 - Grafton - Townsend - Powerlines WR56 - WR53 - 11A WM53, WM68. Overall conditions 5-6 (out of 10). We saw some riders, skiers and a fat bike while out today -
  11. WOODFORD SNOBUSTERS SNOWMOBILE CLUB Trail Report We received 4+ inches of snow yesterday. Groomers have all been out.... There is Plenty of riding on our trails- Get out there and enjoy! Trails to the west of BN 9 did not receive as much snow, but there is a solid ice base, use caution for some thin spots and icy corners. Trails to the north of BN 9 to BN 31 - Expect some exposed rocks, open water bars and thin spots, The Green Mountain Trailblazers to the North of BN 31 are reporting that riding is not recommended as their trails did not receive as much snow from the last few storms. Trails south on BN 9- fair to very good- groomers will continue to go out throughout the holiday weekend- Ride with caution- early season/low snow conditions exist- exposed rocks, open waterbars, icy corners Please keep in mind that with limited area to ride in Southern VT, there is a potential for increased traffic and rapidly deteriorating trail conditions- Yesterdays Grooming Volunteers spent 30+ hours working the snow to provide the best possible trails for today, and will have to do it all over again tonight. Please be sure to thank our Volunteers & Landowners! Think Snow!!
  12. Williston Hill Hawks Trail Report 12/20/2016 As some clubs around the state are posting their trails open, we are still waiting for that big snowstorm. Patience!
  13. White River Valley Ramblers Trail Report 12/31/2016 Groomers were out last night and will be out again today, trails are still marginal, so please be safe and watch out for the big orange Tucker's, there's not a lot of room for us to pull over! Happy New Year to all!!?☃️
  14. Weathersfield PathFinders Trail Report 12/31/2016 Our entire trail system was groomed last night! Thank you to our hard working volunteers!!!
  15. Dear Snowmobilers I need to let you know that we have a major trail closure in Bridgewater , make note ; the trail from Bridgewater corners on the north side of... route four car road , at the junction of route 100 A and route 4 is closed , Bridgewater center road and Gold Coast road are two other roads this closure affects as well , On the Vast map WR 62 is no longer there , thus trail was the trail that went to food , gas and lodging in Bridgewater corners , please make plans to get fuel in Barnard or Pittsfield , and the only access to gas in Bridgewater corners is on the south side of route 4 on what we call the dump trail, thus trail will also access Long Trail Brewery, please obey the keep out and no snowmobiling signs ,, Sorry fir the news but that's beyond our control , plans accordingly ,