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    PRISCILLA ANNE ROY NORTON–Priscilla Anne Roy, 70, long-time owner of the Lake View (“Averill”) Store in Norton, Vt., passed away unexpectedly on Feb. 19, 2017, after a brief illness. Her dear friend Margaret and niece Kristine were by her side. Priscilla was predeceased by her father and mother, Victor and Jeannette (Plourde) Roy. She is survived by her brother and wife Ronald and Anne Roy of Massena, N.Y.; her brother Robert Roy and wife Connie Jackson of Colebrook; her sister and husband Collette (Roy) and Fulton Cook of Elizabethton, Tenn.; two nieces, Kristine and Gabrielle Roy, a nephew Daniel Roy and countless friends. Priscilla was the heart of the Averill Lakes community, and she will be sorely missed by the many who got coffee, cookies, candy and information at her welcoming store. The store was her life, and her kindness, honesty and generosity touched so many other lives. Priscilla was active in the square dance community, and was an accomplished dancer. She spun her own wool (and won many blue ribbons), and helped others learn the art. She was talented at quilting and crocheting. Priscilla loved horses, especially her pet Sham, who has been gone many years. She taught riding and worked with horses at Quimby’s for a time. She enjoyed snowshoeing and kayaking in earlier days, and even kayaked on Big Averill Lake on Christmas day a few years ago. There will be no services, at Priscilla’s specific request. A square dance in her honor is planned by her brother Ronald, to take place at Jackson’s Lodge in July. Donations in Priscilla’s name should be made to a charity of each person’s choice. The family adds, “More than anything, Priscilla would have loved for each of us to do a favor for a friend, neighbor or family member in her memory, as she had done countless times.”
  2. Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club Trail Report 03/03/2017 No trail report needed because there are no trails - at the moment. Winter isn't over and we can assure you, we will be ready when it comes back. ❄️
  3. Caledonia County Snowmobile Trail Club Trail Report 03/01/2017 Due to the recent warmup and lack of fresh snow we request you respect the land owners and not ride at this time. Work on your snow dance, and pray for colder temps. Remain positive winter isn't over yet
  4. Lyndon Sno Cruisers Trail Report 03/02/2017 Thursday 3/2/17: The "iceburg" trail (52 from the LynBurke to Sheffield) is under water again this morning, and considered impassable, do NOT choose this route to gain access to fuel or food. All low elevation trails have little to no snow, so any riding should be considered (trailer to) take off points and ride high elevations. We have NOT sent any groomers out and will not until conditions improve. The 513 trail (Ramsey 4 Corners to Greensboro Bend) is CLOSED due to a massive water bar that is impassable (and we don't want anyone doing damage to the property trying to get across). Consider, if you MUST ride, to be early season conditions with many HAZARDS.
  5. Buckaroos of 302 Snowmobile Club Trail Report 03/03/2017 Friday, March 3, 2017: Everything should be frozen, but no snow to get to Upper valley Grill. You will need to unload at Butterfield Parking Lot. Plenty of snow in the woods, railroad bed will be icy. This may be the last weekend, unless we get snow.
  6. Bayley Hazen Road Snowmobile Club Trail Report 03/03/2017 Right now it's cold but we had a bunch of rain last week and Wed. night this week. Trails are done for now. Wish we had better news for you but be sure that we want snow as much as you do. We'll post here when conditions improve. BTW, Our next meeting is next Thursday, March 9th @ 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there.
  7. Northwest Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Report 03/04/2017 -3 this morning in Norton, with wind chill advisories posted throughout the day, and a dusting to an inch of new snow. LOTS of questions and calls about trail closures. Easiest way to describe this is, there is a temporary fence blocking anything North of ex 172, where the lower powerline comes back into the refuge, and anything south of ex 66, which is over the top of the powerline. Please check your map. Trail 111 was opened for Saturday and Sunday only to allow traffic into Norton, however, all those trails in and out have ice, and lots of bare ground. Travel is not recommended but if you have patience and are willing, it is open. Updates as we get them. Bundle up and Thanks!
  8. NEK UPDATE: Please note that Trail 111 between OS61 and EX291 will be now open ONLY for this weekend (Sat am until Sun pm) to connect Island Pond to Norton and ...on to Canaan. This trail is shared with logging operations (thank you to them for opening it back up for us so we could connect this weekend!) USE CAUTION! There is not much coverage, so keep safety in mind and the wellbeing of your sled. It is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone stay out of the other closed areas as it could jeopardize our future use of these trails. See below for more information from yesterday about the other trails that are now closed. You can also go to the VAST Interactive map for info on the VAST website and to the club's facebook pages. BSC update with more trail closures☹️ 114 South of EX.21 CLOSED 111 North of EX. 29 CLOSED due to logging and reroute Norton trails CLOSED from ex. 110 to 173... Power lines CLOSED from 172 to 92 There is NO legal way to access Norton now! FLOODED AREAS: 114/102 connector South of highway 105 in Wenlock FLOODED AREAS: 114 South of EX. 211 by state beach Still some good riding north of town with Spring conditions. Be cautious of ice and avoid any standing water and stay off ALL BODIES OF WATER!
  9. Hazen's Notch Snowmobile Club Trail Report 02/24/2017 Trails are closed. Please respect our landowners and stay off the Trails till we get more snow. Thank you!
  10. Hardwick Sno-Flake Ridgerunners Trail Report 02/27/2017 Due to lack of snow all trails are closed until we get snow. This is for safety and land owner reasoning so please take it seriously. Thank you.
  11. Country Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Report 02/23/2017 Due to warm temps and bare areas we are closing all trails.
  12. North Country Mountaineers Trail Report 02/24/2017 Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,As great as the trails were, I'm sorry to report that with this big warm up, we have lost most of our snow. There is flooding all over the trail system and you cannot ride at this time. The temps are supposed to rise even more and flooding is in the forecast. If the conditions change, I will certainly update you all. Thank You, Steve Dalpe
  13. Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club Trail Report 02/27/2017 We received a little bit of snow yesterday but not enough to open trails or begin grooming operations. Please remain off the trails until a 4" base has been established again. Our landowners will appreciate it. Another warmup is headed our way that will keep trails closed for a while.
  14. Lunenburg Polar Bears Snowmobile Club Trail Report 03/01/2017 Heavy rain & wind swept through the area overnight. Yesterday's pic below illustrates the challenges we face trying to keep trails open. Big chill will be in place for the weekend. Goal is to roll the Pisten Bully blade-only for assessments and water bar repairs.
  15. Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Trail Report 03/01/201 The rapid changes in weather that the north country has experienced in the last two weeks has changed trail conditions considerably. The warm weather followed by rain opened up ditches and some wet areas that cross trails. The snow pack in the upper elevations is still good. Groomer operators have been out this week and repaired what they could of the trail base. The returning cold weather and dusting of snow helped by providing some needed snow for lubrication. Unfortunately, the valley did not receive the snow and was harder hit by the warm weather. The forecast for the later part of this week is more warm temperatures accompanied by rain but then turning colder with some snow. The extent of the warm/cold cycle will determine the conditions for the weekend. Please be cautious. We know the edges of trails have been undermined by running water. The surface may look snow covered but will collapse quickly if touched dumping sleds and riders deep into trench. Also some of our trails may have ruts caused but flowing water and the light snow expected may cover these ruts up making the trail base look smooth when in fact it is not. Be cautious not to get a ski caught in these ruts. Know that some of the trails especially the DC line with southern exposures can have little or no snow. PARKING AREAS: The Equine parking area off Maidstone Lake Road has a large number of logs stacked on trailers as well as a piece of logging equipment. The parking area nearest the Maidstone Lake Access road is not usable as a result. The “back” parking area has been plowed and the trail from the parking area to Paul Stream Rd has be groomed. The gate at Brown’s Mill is open and a limited amount of parking is available at that location. Paul Stream Rd is a snowmobile ONLY trail. Other parking areas at Dennis Pond access and Stone Dam are open and maintained regularly but only when snowmobile trailers and trucks are not present. Use of these areas is one’s own risk. Please be courteous and park so others can use the areas as well. As a reminder Fishing Accesses are only for those enjoying the sport of fishing. Snowmobilers who are enjoying trail riding and not actually ice fishing risk having their equipment towed from these areas. Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Grooming Area • From Guildhall Village Trail 2F to the Pipeline Jct EX 64 • From EX 75 on the 2F trail north on route F102 to Maidstone Lake • From EX 532 North on the Lake Road to EX 55 on Route 98 • From EX 532 West on 102-A to EX 51 • From EX 51 North on 102-A to EX 42 on Route 102 • From EX 343 North to EX 501 on Highway Rte 105 (Stone Dam) • From EX 51 North on Route 98 to EX 491 junction with trail head Rt F98 • From EX 491 North on Route 98 to EX 49 joining Route 102 • From EX 50 feeder trail F102 to Bloomfield • From EX 402 to EX 532 the Route 1 trail