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BRIGHTON SNOWMOBILE CLUB Trail Report 03/03/2017

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NEK UPDATE: Please note that Trail 111 between OS61 and EX291 will be now open ONLY for this weekend (Sat am until Sun pm) to connect Island Pond to Norton and ...on to Canaan. This trail is shared with logging operations (thank you to them for opening it back up for us so we could connect this weekend!) USE CAUTION! There is not much coverage, so keep safety in mind and the wellbeing of your sled. It is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone stay out of the other closed areas as it could jeopardize our future use of these trails.

See below for more information from yesterday about the other trails that are now closed. You can also go to the VAST Interactive map for info on the VAST website and to the club's facebook pages.

BSC update with more trail closures2639.png☹️

114 South of EX.21 CLOSED
111 North of EX. 29 CLOSED due to logging and reroute
Norton trails CLOSED from ex. 110 to 173...
Power lines CLOSED from 172 to 92 There is NO legal way to access Norton now!

FLOODED AREAS: 114/102 connector South of highway 105 in Wenlock
FLOODED AREAS: 114 South of EX. 211 by state beach

Still some good riding north of town with Spring conditions. Be cautious of ice and avoid any standing water and stay off ALL BODIES OF WATER!


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