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Island Pond Man Gets Jail for Trashing Apt.

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Island Pond Man Gets Jail for Trashing Apt.

An Island Pond man was sentenced to 18 months to 36 months in prison Thursday after he agreed to plead no contest to a felony charge of unlawful mischief and guilty to a misdemeanor count of violating a condition of release.

Charles Krafton, 32, must complete a corrections' department domestic abuse program as part of his sentence following his sentencing Thursday in Essex Superior Court-criminal division.

According to the affidavit of trooper Callie Field, on April 20 Krafton did more than $3,000 damage to the residence of Rose Marie Hackett and violated court conditions issued in February that prohibited Krafton from having any contact with Hackett.

According to Field's affidavit, at 1:51 p.m. on April 20, state police dispatch received a call from Hackett, 46, reporting Krafton, her ex-boyfriend, was in her apartment in Island Pond smashing the windows and she wanted him to leave.

According to Field's affidavit, as she was enroute to Hackett's apartment, a dispatcher advised Field that there were conditions of release in effect that prohibited Krafton from being in contact with Hackett.

When Field arrived, a woman from an apartment next door to Hackett's came out to speak to Field, "to advise me of the windows being smashed out back and making sure I had plenty of back up."

Several minutes later, Hackett came out of an apartment and said her ex-boyfiend, Krafton was "out of control and going to hurt someone," according to Field's affidavit. Fields left Hackett in Fields'cruiser and approached the apartment accompanied by VSP Sgt. Lawrence Smith. She found Krafton sitting in the upstairs window, which was smashed out. Wood and glass lay on the ground.

Krafton told Field he would come out and put down a butcher knife and hammer he had in his hand. After Krafton put down the knife and hammer and came out of Hackett's apartment, he was taken into custody. Sgt. Smith and off-duty trooper Ben Shelp cleared the inside of the apartment while Field stayed with Krafton.

Processing the scene while Smith stayed with Krafton in Smith's cruiser, Field found all of the windows upstairs and downstairs in the two-story apartment smashed.

The tables, chairs, television and lamps were shattered into pieces and strewn about the apartment, with the damage estimated at $3,000, according to Field.

Hackett provided a sworn statement reporting the confrontation had begun the previous night when Krafton arrived at her place. She gave Krafton two of her prescription Clonazepam tablets she takes for panic attacks so that Krafton could use the pills to treat pain from his broken ribs.

The next day Krafton asked Hackett to call her doctor to get him some pain meds. According to Field's affidavit, "This is when things got out of control." Krafton told Hackett, "he would give her an attitude adjustment and her eyes have attitude." Hackett said Krafton told her, "You will not get rid of me out of your life unless you kill me."

According to Field's affidavit Krafton has conditions of release imposed by Caledonia Superior Court-criminal division Feb. 2, ordering him not to have contact with Hackett, her residence, vehicles or place of employment.He was arrested by state police Feb. 1 and charged with domestic assault and unlawful mischief.

According to court records, Krafton was convicted April 5, 1999 on three misdemeanor counts of engaging in prohibited sexual acts and was sentenced to six to 12 months to serve, all suspended with probation. On May 15, 1998, Krafton was convicted of a felony charge of lewd and lascivious conduct and got a five-year deferred sentence.

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