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‘VPT Outdoor Journal’ Special on Bear Management July 14

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‘VPT Outdoor Journal’ Special on Bear Management July 14


Press Release

For Immediate Release: July 1, 2011

Contact: Ann Curran at (802) 655-8059, acurran@vpt.org

or Jeff Vande Griek at (802) 655-8062, jeffv@vpt.org

‘VPT Outdoor Journal’ Special on Bear Management July 14

As Vermont’s population of black bears thrives, state officials are developing plans to modify management of the species. Vermont Public Television’s “Outdoor Journal” will broadcast a live discussion Thursday, July 14, at 8 p.m. on black bear. The program will also be webcast live at vpt.org and archived online as video on demand.

Outdoorsman and writer Lawrence Pyne will host. Joining him will be Patrick Berry, Commissioner of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department; lead black bear biologist Forrest Hammond; and Chief Warden Col. David LeCours.

VPT will take calls from viewers at 1-866-424-LIVE during the show. Questions are also welcome in advance or during the program at connect@vpt.org. Production funding for “Outdoor Journal” is provided by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Additional funding is provided by Remo and Peter Pizzagalli.

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