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Northeast Kingdom
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Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing
Here in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, especially in the Island Pond area, everyone has a few wild neighbors. We're not talking about the typical wild neighbors who throw all-night parties; we're referring to wild turkey, white tailed deer, moose, beaver, otter, eagles, bears, wolves, and more. In fact, Vermont's Northeast Kingdom offers different ecosystems that are home to a variety of wildlife. The forests, swamps, fields, rivers, and lakes of the state provide habitats for many different  animals and many different birds. Each of these animal species has a certain way in which it fits into the environment. Each one has its own niche. The woodchuck prefers the edge of fields and lawns where it can feed on plants and retreat to its burrow if it is threatened by predators. The beaver prefers streams and ponds that are close to a food supply of birch and aspen trees. The plants and animals living in our state share the environment with us. We must always be careful to protect animal habitats or we may lose some of these species--they will become extinct.

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Some of Vermont's Northeast Kingdoms greatest opportunities for wildlife viewing are its

Another great way to look at Vermont's wildlife in the Northeast Kingdom is to visit one of our many wildlife refuges. Visitors seeking a view of wildlife in their natural habitat will be rewarded at Vermont's Wildlife Refuges. At a refuge, visitors have the opportunity to view Vermont's fish, wildlife, and plants in their natural environment, providing the opportunity for camping, outdoor activities and photography. At viewing areas across Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, you may see ducks, Canada geese, Loons or bald eagles on unfrozen lakes and rivers.

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